Blocker Tie Ring 2 with Mag-Loc – Stainless Steel

Blocker Tie Ring 2 with Mag-Loc – Stainless Steel


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Blocker Tie Ring 2 with Mag-Loc – Stainless Steel

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The same great functionality as the Blocker Tie Ring 2 with Mag Loc Chrome plated tie ring, but with the unmatched durability of stainless steel. Comes complete with quick attach snap, eye bolt and complete instructions on use. Remember, shipping from our web site is always a flat $7.50! You won't find a better deal anywhere!

1 review for Blocker Tie Ring 2 with Mag-Loc – Stainless Steel

  1. kymerr

    How can there be no reviews on this great product??!? I purchased my first one at least over 20 years ago, immediately understanding the idea for what, why and how it was created, and of which it has an incredible flexibility for so many use ideas. With a high level of speedy easy usage and safety behind it, as well as the horses’ mental comfort level. It’s been the best product to assist tying my horses I’ve ever had, especially when teaching younger, or older, animals, that I feel improves their confidence that much more in trusting what we continue to do with them. I love using them in my trailer as well, (avoiding completely certain accidents that often can happen), besides “regular” tie usages. The only problem I’ve had was being able to find them to purchase, and not due to the necessity of replacing, since I’ve yet to have one break or wear out, but to have more, more often to replace the ones I keep “losing” to friends who use mine and love them! An amazingly versatile product from such a simple idea 😉

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