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After years of watching and hearing of horses injuring and even killing themselves, from being tied solid as well as people getting hurt trying to get them loose. I decided that there must be a better safer more humane way to tie a horse. So after years of thought, trial and error, I developed the Blocker Tie Ring to be used In Cross Ties, Single Tie, Groom & Tack areas, wash racks, picket lines, outside and inside of horse trailers or anywhere you tie your horse. The degree or amount of hold can be regulated by one of several tying options from as little as a few pounds or as much as a few hundred pounds, depending on the horse and the Situation. When the horse pulls hard enough, he can pull some slack in the lead rope releasing pressure and the source of pain and panic. Reducing the threat dramatically as well as allowing the horse to pull himself enough slack to get up should he fall down in a trailer. I designed the Blocker Tie Ring and now the new Blocker Dally Ty out of compassion for the horse.

~ Ted Blocker, Owner/Inventor/Horseman